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CBT-i Therapy


CBT-I Therapy

If you have been evaluated for Insomnia, the Better Sleep Program recommends CBTi (Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia). The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends CBTi as the primary treatment in all patients with chronic insomnia and should be considered before any medications are prescribed. This program combines education about sleep and sleep dysfunction with multiple recommendations for behavior modifications and explores the origin of negative thoughts and beliefs people develop who have chronic insomnia.

The CBTi Program is presented over several sessions with discussion and feedback. Your progress is documented and monitored by your on going sleep diaries, and this intervention usually involves a combination of sleep hygiene, stress reduction and cognitive restructuring
strategies.  Although it’s relatively straightforward in principle, CBTi must be done well towork well. It takes time and effort to learn and practice these principles that cause the sleepless nights of chronic insomnia.

The Sleep Lab Hawaii is proud to offer CBT-i to the residents of Oahu and now thanks to online telemedicine, the rest of the state of Hawaii. 

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