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Sleep Study


Special tests that monitor your breathing, vital signs and brainwaves while you sleep. They are instrumental in accurately diagnosing sleep disorders.


In-Lab Sleep Study (Polysomnography)
The sleep study labs at our facilities look more like nice hotel rooms with all the amenities to help you feel at home during your sleep study.

Home Sleep Study (HST)

For those who may not initially qualify for an in-lab study, we have portable units for at-home sleep testing (HST). This test is not as comprehensive as an in-lab sleep study and many times requires additional follow up testing.


Sleep Study Expectations Q & A

Bras– yes, you may remove your bra.

Underwear – It is recommended you wear pants or shorts. The techs may have to come in during the night to fix wires. When patients do not wear pants, Techs must fix the leg wires more frequently because it comes off more easily.

Sleeping Nude – No, you cannot sleep nude. You must wear clothes as the techs will be in the room throughout the night. This is never an option.

What should I do before leaving my home?

1. Shower – be clean, fresh clothes.

2. No Lotion/Creams/Makeup – None, need clean face

3. No Hair Dyes/Gel/Spray – None, need clean scalp

4. Brush teeth before coming if possible, to save time (but can do so in the bathroom, just let tech know in advance)

5. Men with Hairy Chests or facial hair – if chest is very hairy, shave the chest. Otherwise, tech will have to shave you when they apply the EKG. Please be clean shaven prior to arriving for your study.

What should I bring with me? What can I bring? / What am I not allowed to bring?

1.Book/Entertainment – You may have to wait an hour before being setup, so bring something to do in the meantime. If you like to read before bed, this is the time to do that. You may read it before the study, but once you are in bed, it is up to the tech’s discretion. The tech will let you know based on whether there is enough time to spare, or if the study needs to be started immediately.

2.ID and Insurance Cards – The tech will need to make a photocopy.

3.Pillow/Blankets – while we do provide 2 soft pillows and clean linen and blankets, you are more than welcome and encouraged to bring whatever you would sleep more comfortable with.

4.Electronics (Phones/Ipad/Music) – You are welcome to use them while waiting for your tech, and during the setup. However, once in bed, all electronic devices must be turned off. Electronic devices near the equipment will impair the signal quality and affect your study, so it must be powered off and removed from the area. No music can be played with headphones as this may cause an electrical interference. No music can be played out loud, as it may bother another patient.

5.Urinal – Patients should bring their own urinal if they absolutely need it. However, the bathrooms are close. You will still need to contact the tech so they can unhook you. If you absolutely need a urinal but do not have one, one will be provided to you.

6.Medications – Any medication that makes you drowsy or sleepy should not be taken until cleared by the Technologist. If the tech notices you have not slept, then the tech may allow you to take the sleeping pill. Melatonin is okay to consume before bed.

7.Pets/Service Animals – Generally, patients cannot bring in pets. However, if they have a service animal, they may do so if they provide documentation certifying that it is a service animal. But you must also bring a cage for the pet, as it cannot sleep in the bed with you – it can affect your study, wake you, pull wires, etc., and the tech may be coming in frequently throughout the night and your pet may be startled. Please do not bring a dog if you know it will bark, as there are other patients as well.

8.Food – Eating is recommended at home before your study. Please do not eat something that will upset your stomach. Food will not be provided at the sleep center.

Generally, patients are not allowed to have someone sleep with them in bed. However, if the patient has difficulty getting out of bed, or if they are a minor, then they are required to bring someone. A cot will be provided for the other person to sleep in but cannot sleep in the same bed (unless it is a child under 10) Although a cot will be provided, please bring blankets and a pillow for that person.

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